AC inlet and EL1230 fuses on a T6

Leoch GTP12110 battery, Ablemail ABMC12 12 30 and Victron IP22 12/15 battery charger in a T6
Under the mat on a T5/T6
Vans fitted with intelligent alternator have this shunt on the battery negative connection
Here we have
an Xplorer 110 AGM
battery and an 
SRNE 20 amp
MPPT regulator
under passenger
seat of the T6 with
coloured interior
lighting in the
above pictures...................
......and under the drivers seat of the same vehicle another Xplorer 110 AGM with Victron 12.375 inverter
and Ablemail ABMC12 12 30 DC-DC charger just visible behind the inverter.